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Metoo Boost PDRN Healer
Metoo Boost PDRN Healer
November 26, 2018
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CS Lab V Line
November 27, 2018
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Lipo Lab


Lipo Lab for body

Painless removal of fat deposits ⠀
Simple and very effective procedure ⠀
Effective against cellulite, makes the skin elastic
Helps to get rid of fat in specific parts of the body, where physical exercises are not effective ⠀
Gamma lipo-lab provides a safe treatment due to the high purity raw material: 99,8% ⠀

Lypolisis Process ⠀
Pre-course treatments ⠀
Injection of PPC in fat ⠀
Fat splitting ⠀
Reducing fat ⠀
Excretion of fat, reducing the volume ⠀
Expected effect of using LIPO LAB PPC
Using LIPO LAB, patients can easily and painlessly get rid of fat deposits. It is possible to reduce from 2 to 6 cm of the volume of the abdominal area in 1 procedure (using 5-6 ampoules of PPC) and from 8 to 18 cm or more, if three such courses are performed. After the injection of one area, you should wait 3 weeks before you start again. Another zone can be broken off not earlier than in a week.

10 ampoules x 10ml


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