Dermalax Plus

CS Lab V Line
CS Lab V Line
November 27, 2018
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Dermalax Plus


Dermalax is a Supreme & Pure monophasic cross linked HA soft tissue filler.

Adds volume to facial tissue, corrects wrinkles & folds, restores a smooth appearance to the face, and re-define contour of the face.

Keeps skin moisturized, stimulates the regeneration of the aged cells, and supports collagen & elastin to maintain healthy skin.


  • Desired volume effect
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Soft & constant extrusion force allowing easier injection and excellent result.

Better Comfort:

Contains lidocaine to improve comfort during and after injection

No harmful side effects and excellent biologic safety

Better Choice:

3 different types for extensive indications

Customized treatment to all users

Application area:

Dermalax Plus – light type for small wrinkles

  • Glabellar.
  • Periorbital.
  • Perioral.
  • Nasolacrimal groove.


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